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Disability Services Certificate

Residential Support Specialist, Disability Services

Residential Services Specialist Certificate

These two courses meet the San Diego Regional Center’s Requirements for support staff in residential services, and completion of both will result in receiving a certification from San Diego Regional Center. Courses are offered online with three in-class meetings to support student success. Courses can be taken in any order.

Course #1: Disability, Diversity and Society $325

This course is useful as a training for anyone working in the public sector that may interact people with disabilities, as well as employees of community programs serving individuals with disabilities. This class will explore the dynamics of societal views of disability, as a part of human diversity, and the inclusion of people with disabilities in everyday life. The relationships between societal institutions and the needs of persons with disabilities are examined in light of both historical and contemporary trends. An understanding of the factors impacting quality of life for individuals with disabilities are achieved through student interviews and observations conducted in community and social settings.

This course satisfies requirements for Part I of the San Diego Regional Center’s Residential Specialist Certificate.

Class Dates:  2/03/2020 to 03/23/2020 – FULL

Class Dates:  3/02/2020 to 04/20/2020 – Now Enrolling!


For further information, please contact the instructor, Janice Goforth-Melroy at .

Course #2: Techniques and Practices for the Disability Support Specialist $325

This course will be useful to any paraprofessional working in an environment where you may interact and or support someone with a physical, intellectual and/or developmental disability.   This course will explore the necessary technical knowledge to support social skills and integration, adaptation, self-dependence, health, safety, nutrition, recreation, leisure and communication for persons with disabilities. Topics covered include behavior management, functional skills, infection control, individual program planning and implementation and independent living.

This course satisfies requirements for Part II of the San Diego Regional Center’s Residential Specialist Certificate.

Class Dates:  4/20/2020 to 6/14/2020- Now Enrolling!

Course #3: Positive Behavior Strategies $325

This course is required for professionals interested in opening a level 4 hom. It is primarily offered for administrators, managers, and residential specialists working in group homes for individuals with developmental disabilities. Course toipcs will view behavior as communication and emphasize behavior support rather than behavior management. Positive behavior support plans are written and analyzed as part of the course using person-centered planning and a collaborative, team approach.  Students are given the opportunity to practice their skills in data collection methods and to develop summary statements. Strategies in teaching replacement skills are taught. Assaultive behaviors are discussed with consideration given to ethical issues in interventions. How the criminal justice system deals with individuals with disabilities are explored and analyzed.   Medical issues that affect one’s behaviors are also discussed. The goal of positive behavior support is to teach individuals the skills they need to improve their quality of life.  

Class Dates:  1/13/2020 to 04/05/2020- FULL

Please click the registration link and join the interest list for an April session. Students on the interest list will receive priority registration. 

Learn more about becoming a provider by contacting the San Diego Regional Center
 The vendorization process is explained on the State of California Developmental Services webpage.
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