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California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program

California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program


The California Energy Commission adopted changes to the Building Energy Efficiency Standards contained in the California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 6 (also known as the California Energy Code) and associated administrative regulations in Part 1. The amended standards, called the “Nonresidential Acceptance Testing Certification,” went into effect on July 01, 2014. These proposed regulations create independent third party certification and training procedures to ensure Field Test Technicians and their employers acquire minimal level of training and skill to verify nonresidential lighting controls and mechanical systems comply with existing Energy Efficiency Building Standards. This training provides the requirements needed to become a Non-Residential CALCTP-AT Technician (field test certifier) for advanced lighting control systems.

Become a Non-Residential Acceptance Technician by completing the following:

–Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements:

  • Three or more years of experience in three out of the five categories below:
  • (a) occupancy & photo sensors,
  • (b) voltage dimming systems,
  • (c) demand response controls,
  • (d) track lighting systems,
  • (e) time-based scheduling systems,
  • An active C-10 license and or General Electrician License.
  • Or, you that have a certificate/degree as either a commission agent, Architect, or Engineer. (Only one is required).

Full list of requirements can be found in the CALCTP-AT Handbook posted on the Acceptance Technician page of the CALCTP website:

–Submitting a completed 2017 Technician Application with supporting documents to

–Pay the appropriate application and records maintenance fee upon application approval:

–Successful completion of pre-requisite online modules:

–Successful completion of the CALCTP Systems course

–Successful completion of the CALCTP Acceptance Tech course

–Once your application has been approved, you may register (far right blue button) for courses.

About the CALCTP Systems Course

The CALCTP Systems Course (including CALCTP Codes and Standard) is a ten-hour prerequisite requirement for entry into CALCTP Acceptance Test Technician Certification training. This class concludes with a final examination. Mid-level managers, contractor staff, estimators, project managers, and engineers can all benefit from this course. Topics include lighting concepts and control strategies, light sources, power and communication, general area controls switching, dimming and scene control, scheduling and demand response, occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting.

About the CALCTP Acceptance Technician Course 

The CALCTP Acceptance Technician Course is a 24 hour training that concludes with a final examination. Mid-level managers, contractor staff, estimators, project managers, and engineers can all benefit from this course. Topics include technician skills and responsibilities, compliance documentation, installation requirements, and acceptance testing procedures.

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