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Smog Update Training

Smog Inspector Training – $100

California Bureau of Automotive Repair Approved Emission Training Program

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The Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District offers continuing education courses for Smog Technicians through its Corporate College. All classes occur at the Cuyamaca College Automotive Complex. 

Cuyamaca College offers three different Smog  Update Courses on a rotating  basis.

UT043 Electronic Throttle Control and Direct Fuel Injection.

The course will cover the operational characteristics and diagnostic procedures for Electronic Throttle Control and Direct Fuel Injection. Electronic Throttle Control will cover history & design, types used in vehicles, advantages and correlation to advanced vehicle safety, testing and diagnosis. Direct Fuel Injection will cover: history and development of direct injection, how it works and advantages, and the fuel supply system, the injectors and direct injection maintenance / repairs.

UT032 Automotive Networks, Aftermarket CATs, OBD Monitor Diagnosis

The course will cover automotive diagnostic procedures, and Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) procedures that affect the inspection, diagnosis, and repair of vehicles subject to the Smog Check Inspection and Maintenance program. Content includes: Automotive Networks / CAN / LIN / FlexRay / MOST / Ethernet, How to Properly Verify Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Applications   and OBD Monitor Diagnosis and the BAR-OIS

UT056 Variable Valve Timing, Variable Valve Lift, & Cylinder Deactivation

The course will cover the operational characteristics and diagnostic procedures for variable valve timing, lift and cylinder deactivation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why is your course so inexpensive compared to other providers?  We are a community college, we do not make a profit on our courses. The fee we charge you directly covers the costs of materials and paying our instructor.
  2. Are you courses BAR Certified?  YES. Each  course meets the 12 hours of automotive technology update training required every two years for license renewal. Students will need to complete 4 hrs of on-line instruction through the BAR website to complete the full 16 hours required for renewal.  Cuyamaca College is at a BAR-Certified School.

To pass an update course, students will be required to:

  • Complete all home work assignments
  • Successfully complete all laboratory assignments
  • Attend all scheduled course hours
  • Pass course examination – (minimum score is 70%)

NOTE: You must bring picture identification and smog license number (if you have a license) to class.

Smog update training 16Hr BAR Certified BAR Approved Licensed Smog Check Repair Technician License Renewal State of California San Diego