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What Students Have Said about Our Courses and Instructors


“Taking the Positive Behavior Support class has greatly impacted my personal and professional life.

The knowledge taught by Dr. Melroy, completes the missing link of the Maslow’s hierarchy!
In this class I have learned essential tools to identify the languages and behaviors that we all use to express a human need.

Learning about person centered care, challenging behavior identification tools, behavioral support and essential components of a healthy environment conducive to thrive, have removed the absurd idea that we must change people in order to support their functionality.

I received timely feedback from my instructor that allowed me to modify my support approach to my focus person.

This class changed my perspective and I went from removing behaviors to teaching empowering tools to my clients!!”                            


 “I want to thank you for being a great professor. I appreciated that in every class you reminded us of the importance of “people first”.

 Sometimes as providers we forget about that aspect of our careers, among all paperwork.

 Your class helped me in getting to know my local resources. It helped me to realize and recognize that individuals with disabilities deserve the same things that we deserve and have: choice, relationships, being accounted for and being cared for. 

 Thank you for your service.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Learn more about becoming a provider by contacting the San Diego Regional Center The vendorization process is explained on the State of California Developmental Services webpage.